Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find many questions that we are often asked.

For our qualified business customers (those who have signed up with business accounts with us) we offer a sliding scale for our rates, providing you with the best possible rates in the state! 

Checks up to $10,000 are cashed at a rate of 2.21%

Checks from $10,000.01 - $17,999.99 are cashed at a rate of 2.10%

Checks from $18,000.00 - $24,999.99 are cashed at a rate of 2.00%

Checks from $25,000.00 - $34,999.99 are cashed at a rate of 1.85%

Checks over $35,000 are cashed at a rate of 1.75%

In order to cash checks made out to your business you would need to sign up for an account with us at Community Check Cashing. It's a simple process and very easy to do! We accept both incorporated companies as well as trading as businesses. Please bring in your business paperwork (certificate of formation or trading as papers and the letter from the IRS issuing your EIN) as well as your ID. We have some paperwork for you to fill out and then you're done! Once you've created a business account with us you'll be all set to cash checks made out to your business with us and you'll qualify for our special business customer rates. To make things even easier for you we can email or fax you the paperwork that needs to be filled out so that you can have it ready when you come in! Just contact us here or call your local branch of Community Check Cashing to request the appropriate paperwork. 

In order to cash a check made payable to your name you need a valid photo ID. 

This can include a NJ issued driver's license or a state issued non-driver ID. 

We also accept birth certificates with social security cards, school IDs, or passports but proof of address is also required to use these forms of ID.  Acceptable items for proof of address can be things like a utility bill or vehicle registration. 

No! Please wait to sign your check until you're in the store and in front of the teller.

If you sign the check prior to entering the store we may not be able to cash it for you. 

Yes, we do! Social security checks and SSI checks are cashed at a reduced rate of 1.5%

Our check cashing rates for non-business customers are 2.21% for checks up to $2500.00 and for checks over $2500.00 the rate increases to 3%. 

Yes, as long as you bring in proof of address showing that you have a NJ residence then you can use an out of state ID. Acceptable forms of proof of address would include things like a utility bill or vehicle registration. 

Yes, we do! Tax return checks are cashed with the proper ID. 

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