What Is A Check Cashing Service?

What Is A Check Cashing Service?

What Is a Check Cashing Service? 

A check-cashing service such as Community Check Cashing is a service that allows individuals to easily exchange their checks for cash without the need for a bank. The funds are immediately available for our customers when they bring in their checks to cash with us.

Most banks only will cash checks for their customers who bank with them to avoid forgeries and fraud. While check cashing services often will verify a check before cashing them, they will be able to provide the cash once the checks have been verified.


How Does a Check Cashing Service Work? 

Not having a bank account often requires an individual to find an alternative financial service to complete basic transactions like cashing checks. Check cashing services are also convenient for businesses who are looking to get cash immediately without wanting to wait for their banking institutions to clear their checks which can take upwards of ten days in some circumstances. This can place financial stresses on these businesses that need the funds to continue to operate on a day-to-day basis.


Check-cashing services such as Community Check Cashing exist to help customers who don’t have a bank account convert their paychecks, tax refund checks, government benefits checks and business checks into cash at a convenient time and place. At Community Check Cashing, we have the lowest rates around and have a special sliding scale of rates for the size of the check that is brought in. A check cashing service typically deducts the fees directly from the amount of the check so it is convenient to the individuals cashing the checks.


What Checks Can Be Cashed at Community Check Cashing? 

We offer check cashing services for the following types of checks:

  • Paychecks
  • Stimulus Checks
  • Tax Refund Checks
  • Government Benefits Checks
  • Business Checks Made Payable to Your Business

At Community Check Cashing, we do not cash personal checks due to the high amount of fraudulent and stop payments that occur.


Other Services Provided at a Check-Cashing? 

At Community Check Cashing we provide additional financial services to our customers including the following:

  • Electronic Bill Payment
  • Money Orders
  • Money Transfers (Western Union)

We offer affordable rates to all of our customers for our additional services.


Why Choose Community Check Cashing? 

Community Check Cashing has been serving Monmouth and Ocean Counties in New Jersey for over 20 years now. We are always striving to provide the best local check-cashing services to all of our customers. We have the lowest rates in the local area and promise to beat all of the competition.


If you are looking for a local check cashing service stop by one of our convenient locations and ask about our frequent casher loyalty program where we offer you every 10th check cashed for free just for being a loyal customer with us.